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Moe Jaffe Discography: A-B

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Words by Moe Jaffe, music by Clay Boland © 1936 -- from the 49th Annual Mask & Wig Production, "This Mad Whirl"

  • Hal Kemp and His Orchestra (vocal by Skinnay Ennis) - Brunswick 7777 (78rpm)

Words and music by Moe Jaffe, Irving Leshner © 1947

  • Johnny Stone with the Roy Ross Quintet - Apollo 1099 (78rpm)

Words and music by Moe Jaffe, Paul Kapp, Larry Fotine © 1949

  • George Cates & His Orchestra - Coral 60249 (78rpm)
  • Johnny Vednal & His Orchestra - RCA Victor 25-1167 (78rpm)

Words and music by Moe Jaffe, Paul Kapp © 1954

  • Prentice Moreland - RPM 45x475 (45rpm)

Words and music by Moe Jaffe © 1944

Bell Bottom Trousers sheet music cover. Words and Music by Moe Jaffe
  • Jerry Colonna - Capitol 204 (78rpm); Mairzy Doats - 44 Wacky Hits, Good Music, MSC3-35180
  • Joan Edwards - Your Hit Parade: The War Years (CD)
  • The Four Sergeants with Rose Marie Jon - World War II Songs in Hi-Fi, ABC-Paramount ABC-222 (LP)
  • Slim Jackson & The Promenaders (medley) - Square Dancing Made Easy, Epic LN 3607 (LP); Square Dancing Made Easy, Sony Special Products CD
  • The Jesters (Red Latham, Wamp Carlson, Guy Bonham) - Decca 4452 (78rpm)
  • Kay Kyser - Columbia 36801 (78rpm), recorded 4/2/45; Best of Big Bands (Sony CD); His Greatest Hits & Sentimental Favorites, Sony Special Products A-19801 (CD)
  • Lester Lanin & His Orchestra (medley) - Happy Go Lanin, Epic LN 3821 (LP)
  • Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians (vocal by Jimmy Brown) - Decca 18683 (78rpm), recorded 4/20/45; The Sweetest Music This Side of Heaven, Decca DL 74328 (LP); Enjoy Yourself: The Hits of Guy Lombardo, MCA CD; Greatest Hits, MCA CD; Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians, Disc 3 (CD)
  • Mitch Miller & The Gang (medley) - Sing Along With Mitch, Columbia CS 8004 (LP); Sing Along with Mitch, Sony CD
  • Jack Mudurian - Downloading the Repertoire, ARF ARF CD
  • Tony Pastor and his Orchestra (vocal by Ruth McCullough Dyer) - Victor 20-1661 (78rpm), recorded. 4/2/45; The Music of Life (Time-Life LP Anthology), RCA Victor PR 125; Nipper's Greatest Hits: The 40's, Vol. 2, RCA CD; Remember Pearl Harbor: Classic Songs of World War II, RCA CD; Best of the Big Band Era, 1945 (BMG Special Products 44543-2(CD); Tony Pastor's Best, LXA-3025 (LP)
  • Louis Prima (vocal with Lily Ann Carol) - Majestic 7134 (78rpm); Versatile Mr. Prima: Trumpet, Vocal & Hits, Jasmine Music CD; Cocktail Hour (CD)
  • Diane Renay - Navy Blue (CD)
  • Ginny Simms - V-Disc Recordings
  • The Merrill Staton Choir - Up Anchor, Epic LN 3378 (LP)
  • Various artists/compilations:
    • Salute to the Vets of WWII
    • These Were Our Songs, Disc 3
    • Swing Out to Victory, Disc 4
    • Classic Songs for WWII: Kiss the Boys Goodbye
    • Homecoming 1945, Disc 2
    • Glory Years: Musical Memories of WWII, Disc 3
    • G.I. Jukebox, Vol. 4
    • Music from World War II: Bandstand Heroes
    • Greatest Yodeling Album of All Time

Words and music by Moe Jaffe, Nat Bonx © 1926

  • Tommy Christian and his Orchestra - Harmony 270-H (78rpm)
  • Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians (vocal refrain by Fred Waring, Poley McClintock and the orchestra) - Victor 20146 (78rpm), recorded 8/20/26; Fred Waring Volume I: The Collegiate Years, The Old Masters, MB 126 (CD); Fred Waring Memorial Album (CD)

Words and music by Moe Jaffe, Dwight Latham © 1948

  • Grandpa Jones - RCA Victor 20-5234 (78rpm)
  • Homer & Jethro - Ooh, That's Corny, RCA Victor LPM 2743 (LP)
  • Texas Jim Robertson and the Panhandle Punchers - RCA Victor 20-3228 (78rpm)

Words and music by Moe Jaffe, Paul Kapp © 1951

  • The Simmons Twins (directed by Sy Oliver) - Bethlehem B 1297 (78rpm)